Goblin Mold Microshow

It’s always the short-lived bands that mean the most to people. And Goblin Mold is no exception. Having only released a few records in a very short time we here at the studio feel like their life was cut short. That said, knowing when to call it is a skill to have.

Goblin Mold joins us in the studio for a Microshow (August 21, 2014).

We were lucky enough to have them in the studio for their microshow last summer. It was their second to last show, ever. Documented in it’s fullest. Enjoy it.



Recorded on August 21, 2014 at Mobtown Studios

Guitar and vocals by Alex Leach

Guitar and vocals by Nicholas Hoegberg

Drums by Cicero Ferrante

Bass by Josh Dean

Produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Mixed by Paul Mercer

Filmed by Sean Mercer and Joe Austin

Edited by Nick Hughes

Photography by Tedd Henn

Photography post-production by Cassandra Robbins