Gamble Cosmos Musicquarium

Gamble Cosmos is the Baltimore based “Avaunt Blues” project of musician and dramatist Jason Chimonides. Fusing the lush, psychedelic atmospheres of British post-punk with the primal attitude of early rock & roll, blues and swampy funk – all infused with a basso-profundo voice, southern theatricality and a “trippy troubadour” stage presence – Gamble’s performances are spontaneously spooky and thoroughly trippy, guaranteed to pitch audiences into quick sonic reverie.

Musicquarium is the latest release from Mobtown regular, Gamble Cosmos. Comprised of songs (and sessions) that span over three years including two very recently recorded songs, this collection is curated for maximum effect. Moody, atmospheric and always hypnotically rhythmic, Musiquarium evokes a World.


Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals by Jason Chimonides

Produced by Jason Chimonides and Mat Leffler-Schulman