Gamble Cosmos Gamble Cosmos

Gamble Cosmos is the “Psychedelic Troubadour” project of Florida-native, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Jason Chimonides (also of dream-pop act The Cinema Twin, and indie-pop band Chia).

A former college drama professor who moved to Baltimore in the fall of 2013, Jason, perhaps because of kismet and/or Baltimore’s unique musical radiance, has shifted his creative energies from playwriting, theater directing and teaching towards the conscious flowering of his childhood yearning, music: composition, recording and performance.

Jason reached out to us upon getting settled and has not looked back, recording two full length studio albums with Mat in under six months: the eponymous debut, Gamble Cosmos and its darkly cinematic follow-up: Stinger In The Water, (including the first ever lyrics composed about the collapse of 26th street!)

Fusing the lush, psychedelic atmospheres of British Post-Punk with the earthy, primal attitude of early Rock & Roll and Swampy Funk – Gamble infuses his space bluesy sound with a basso-profundo voice and a mytho-poetic lyrical approach that draws heavily upon his upbringing in North Florida.

Believing whole heartedly in the catalytic power of creative obstructions, both Gamble albums have been done in single takes, with Jason multi-tracking essential elements: a single voice, two (or occasionally three) electric guitars (Les Paul and Telecaster), drums, percussion and either electric or acoustic piano providing bass. Mat then sculpts the swells and snarls of this sonic seabed to create something both profoundly hypnotic and (occasionally) emotionally devastating.


Produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman and Jason Chimonides