Free! Mason Jar Gator Boots

The new single from the Portland duo, Free! Mason Jar, is a spoken word song with a singing chorus. It’s a soulful, retro, nostalgic, pensive stream of consciousness. The song channels the vibe of and is inspired by the likes of The Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron, Watts Prophets and Isaac Hayes.

As a sonic epic, Gator Boots attempts to bring together the feeling of a corner, a stoop, an apartment courtyard, a barbershop, or a barbecue in a city park. Gator Boots is an audio version of a Donald Goines novel being read aloud on a drive through the city streets in an early model American car.

Gator Boots pinpoints a man of the 1970s, that unique decade in American History that’s post-civil rights but also pre-post-modernism. The stagflation and poverty that gave rise to a wave of violent entrepreneurship mirrored in so many rap songs that sample the sounds of that era. During that time period, the music, the socioeconomic tumult, urban decay and lingering moral ambiguity reverberates for most of modern history.


Production by Ben Evans

Lyrics, vocals and production by Jabulani Leffall

Production and engineered by Ben Evans

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman