expert alterations Microshow

Baltimore’s premier indiepop trio Expert Alterations have one eyebrow arched as they survey the surrounding pop landscape — they know they can do better. Strip it down, keep it lean, sweat off the fat. Despite their propensity for reducing the elements of pop to its essential core, Expert Alterations are minimal, but not skeletal — their bones are strong and their songs linger long after the music is over. The band’s influences range from the well-trod (TVPs, The Wedding Present) to roads less traveled (Yeah Yeah Noh, Close Lobsters) and they process them into songs that can stand side-by-side with such standard-bearers.

expert alterations joins us in the studio for a Microshow (December 9, 2015).

We had a blast with Expert Alterations for the last microshow of 2015! It was quite possibly the shortest or rather most concise of all the microshows we’ve been doing since 2008 – it was no exception to fun and musicianship and pure unadulterated Baltimore music. Enjoy their set! 320kbps audio download.



Recorded on December 9, 2015 at Mobtown Studios

Guitar and vocals by Patrick Teal

Bass and vocals by Alan Everhart

Drums by Paul Krolian

Produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Filmed and edited by Nick Hughes

Photography by Tedd Henn

Photography post-production by Cassandra Robbins