Dungeon Kids Twin Ebb Tide

Dungeon Kids may as well just make themselves a room here at Mobtown. Having already released a whopping three EP’s since January 2014, they decided to push for a fourth. This time they started the process in the basement of producer/engineer Sean Mercer‘s home. All of the instrumentation (with the exception of a few key ingredients) was tracked live in a single room. The addition of Kinsey Matthews (Us and Us Only) on guitar provides the perfect counterpoint to Dan Windsor’s angular riffs. Bass and guitars weave in and out of each other in dense squiggles, only to explode moments later in raucous unity.

Six songs in under fifteen minutes may seem like they are working against themselves, but every song here is filled to its breaking point with dynamic contrast and lyrical madness. “Twin Ebb Tide” follows through on the promise of all their previous albums, adding more sonic layering and textures while whittling away anything that doesn’t serve their oddball pop. We’ll make sure to keep a seat warm for these boys at the studio. Shouldn’t be long before they are back serving up another batch of pop treats.


Mixed and engineered by Sean Mercer

Mastered by Carl Saff