Derek Thompson Come Dwell

After years of leading worship in Baltimore and building friendships around church community and local gatherings, singer songwriter Derek Thompson decided to team up with Harrison Bonvissuto at Manic Kin Studios to bring a new worship sound to life. Each melody on “Come Dwell” came from years of house church worship in the context of deep relationships and a pursuit of faith.

Harrison produced a wonderful album complete with seriously emotive musicians to back up the power behind Derek’s impeccable songwriting. Make sure to listen with headphones as there are treats just beneath the surface you may miss with casual listening. It’s perfect for a rainy Sunday morning in the fall. So it’s perfect for right now!


Vocals and guitar by Derek Thompson

Background vocals by Dion Davis

Guitar by Nathan Cornelius and Christian Wilson

Violin by Trudymae Atuobi

Keyboards by Ernest Prempeh

Bass and synth by Harrison Bonvissuto

Organ by Brian Comotto

Drums by David Rinard and Nathaniel Garrison

Background vocals by Rachel Stenger, Rebecca Fanning, and Sarah Flores

Produced and mixed by Harrison Bonvissuto

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Artwork by Noel Shiveley