Cruzie Beaux Mrs. Dick Van Dike

Cruzie Beaux is Kristina Reznikov’s newest project. Kristina is the former singer/guitarist for the DC based Drop Electric and Blanche Has Friends. This new project is branching out from where she came from musically. It is certainly more dance-based and more electronic. But it grabs you where it counts. When I was first asked to mix this upcoming record the vibe of the rough mixes remind me of a lot of the Apollo 440 and Orbital sounds I heard in my younger years. And I couldn’t waste any time. It was something I was super excited about.

And Cruzie isn’t wasting anytime either. She just had a great write up in DCist and they wrote, “Cruzie, a former member of local electronic group Drop Electric and lifelong District resident, has been juggling the tasks of writing and performing as a solo artist for about a year. Combining the vocal talent she honed in that group (in addition to a lifetime of playing in other bands), with her guitar skills and interest in electronic production, she’s created something that sounds nothing like Van Dyke’s street musician—but is just as challenging.”

It didn’t stop there. Impose Magazine also wrote, “The new track, “Mrs. Dick Van Dike” demonstrates Reznikov building upon drafts, and sketches of sound work from the past and present. The tension and moods play like cinematic soundtracks that echo the electro chamber atmospheres heard from her work in Drop Electric, Blanche Has Friends, to the exploded new realized avenues brought by the new cult of Cruzie Beaux. “Van Dike” finds Kristina raising up all those earlier notions to manifest those preconceptions to literal higher stratospheres of pop consciousness that brings to life the best of IDM influenced pop madams and misters from the decades past, slammed forward to the near, and dear present.”


Engineered by Kristina Reznikov

Mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman