COFR Two Selves

It’s not jazz. It’s not rock. It’s not prog. But what it is, is everything. It’s COFR.

Two Selves is stellar musicianship and composition that blurs the line between writing and improvisation that ensures you won’t skip to the next track. It’s a record you will listen to all the way through. Christopher Frick’s synth chops give even Wendy Carlos and Herbie Hancock a run for their money. And the groove from Jason Cohen’s pocket will make Chester Thompson turn his head.

Baltimore, Maryland-based duo COFR blur the lines between jazz and hip-hop. Jason Cohen (drums) and Chris Frick (keyboards and synthesizer) use improvisation to exploit the elasticity of their compositions. Their tracks blend drum tones inspired by hip-hop producers, thick melodic bass lines from Moog synthesizers, and the ‘70s sound of the Fender Rhodes.

COFR’s debut album Two Selves is a culmination of three years of sculpting spontaneous musical ideas into vessels for improvisation. They have curated a collection of chill, melodic, groove-based tracks for this album.


Synth and keyboards by Christopher Frick

Drums by Jason Cohen

Mixed and engineered by Evan Kornblum

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Artwork by Nick Prevas