Codons Exit Strategy

Codons is a Baltimore-based Space Folk duo that balances the pastoral and the darker sides of acoustic and electronic music.

I first met Darin from my old college pal, Josh Newell (Linkin Park, Anthrax). Josh hooked us up when Darin moved to Baltimore from LA where Josh worked with Darin. Either way, we connected and always had a close connection musically.

Recently they recorded a record together with Darin’s pal Chris Doyle. They created a beast of a record. It’s the first time I heard an acoustic guitar and an ebow used in tandem. It’s like future ambient Brian Eno meets space traveler Joni Mitchell. All in the best ways possible.

Enjoy this gem of a record. And pop on some headphones. There’s some seriously sonic juice up in this one.


Guitar, ebow, keyboards and lap steel by Darin Tambascio

Guitar, ebow, keyboards and sound sculpting by Chris Doyle

Engineered by Thom Harig, Darin Tambascio, and Chris Doyle

Mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Photography by Barbara Tyroler