Chiia Dance Music

Chiia UK’s progressive pop memes will penetrate your brain and not let go. Susan Carnell, from London, was bread and spread from the indie and dance music of the 90s. Artists like Dubstar, Elastica, Groove Armada, Lamb, Luscious Jackson, Lush, PJ Harvey, & Portishead inspired and made a huge impression on Susan and molded her way of thinking about and making music. More recently she partnered with Florida-born multi-instrumentalist and producer, Jason Chimonides on the past two Chiia records.

Enjoy the latest installment of this duo’s future pop madness.


Vocals, guitar and synth by Susan Carnell

Guitar, drums and keyboards by Jason Chimonides

Produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Production by Bill Risen and Francis Dempster