A Cat Called Cricket Microshow

A Cat Called Cricket came by last week for their microshow. It was a cold and damp night. A perfect autumn night for a band complete with strings, harmonies and casios. A Cat Called Cricket was joined by Dan Cohan on percussion from The Water/The Manly Deeds and Ruby Fulton & Andrew Histand on violin and cello respectively from We Used To Be Family.

Technical info: Kick: Beta 52, Snare: 57, Drum Overhead: SM81, Bass/Electric Guitar: 421/DI, Ruby (Violin): Otkava 012, Patty (Cello): U87, Andrew (Cello): C3, Alex Vox: SM7, Alex Acoustic: Apex460, Amy Vox: 441, Room: AT PZM.


Recorded on October 14, 2010 at Mobtown Studios

Guitar and vocals by Alex Champagne

Drums by Dan Cohan

Bass by KB Blankson

Violin by Ruby Fulton

Cello by Andrew Histand

Vocals by Amy Reid

Produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Engineered by Alex Champagne

Artwork by David Manchester