Cameron Blake Hide And Go Seek

Cameron came in earlier this spring for me to produce his second record. Keep in mind his last record barely came out 9 months prior. Nothing can stop this man. He is a prolific creator of wonderfully crafted pop songs.

He completely stripped down his band relying predominantly on his guitar/piano, Geoff Knorr on cello, Christopher Pierorazio on drums and Dave Hadley on pedal steel. A super-group of sorts. Complete pros.

As always, working with Cameron was a joy. He knows exactly where he wants to go with his music and having worked together previously eased the creation of this work. Plus he knows when to take advice to create the best possible song.

Cameron is someone who changes things up every step of the way and while many would see this as a challenge we thrive on trying things differently. Creating music the same way every time would be more of an obstacle.


Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Mastered by Bill Wolf