Blind Man Leading Kerosene

Blind Man Leading just finished up their third EP, Kerosene, all recorded at Mobtown. Besides playing drums in the band, Paul Mercer also takes on recording and mixing duties, so we luckily wrapped up the project right before his burnout point. Dave Wentz (guitar, vocals) and Tyler Wheeler (bass) injected some great melodic and harmonic ideas into the songs, and it wouldn’t be a Blind Man Leading EP without a Roland CR-8000 appearance. Paul made sure to throw it on Fortress and Force Field.

Nick Hughes at Wolf Stream Media put together an awesome video for the recording of Simple Treason, the single off the EP.

“Kerosene” is available on bandcamp, and Blind Man Leading is always playing up and down the east coast…catch a show sometime soon!


Mixed and engineered by Paul Mercer

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman