Bitter Bloom Bitter Bloom

Bitter Bloom’s Mark Harris and Domenica Romagni are two singer-instrumentalists hailing from Philadelphia. They are celebrating traditional music as they reimagine it in a more modern setting. Their music develops North American and Celtic folk traditions in deeply experimental ways, all the while channeling the common spirit of those traditions – the jangle of strings, the scrape of bows, the shuffle of feet, and the crackling warmth of voices singing in harmony.

Mark and Domenica came to Mobtown last spring just before getting married to record their first album. They did a lot of the instrumentation live together in the same room, as many artists like to do at Mobtown. Their musicianship and craft have been honed over the years and it shows here on the record. They know their instruments and how to get each to speak. Enjoy a few cuts of their latest release or pick up a copy here.


Vocals and cello by Domenica Romagni

Guitar and vocals by Mark Harris

Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Engineered by Paul Mercer