Animal Architects Stranger By The Hour

Animal Architects is the music of Seattle based Alex Bailey and Baltimore multi-instrumentalist Andy Abelow. Following a variety of musical projects including the 2008 album The Four Seasons recorded in Western Ukraine, Animal Architects has spent the last few years working on the release on Stranger by the Hour, released earlier this year. Alex and Andy have been writing music in such a great collaborative way even with living on two separate coasts.

Working with Alex was very fluid and honest. He came in with a bunch of very diverse songs and we sifted through them with arranging and producing each song on it’s own not really thinking about an album as a whole. The end product is a wild yet mellow journey through the mind of the observant traveling songwriter. At times the very is ambient and avant while having it’s feet gently padded in indie rock and folk music.

Stranger by the Hour’s lyrics and compositions are provided by Alex Bailey and Andy Abelow provides the saxophone, some keyboards and helped produce the album. The drums by Zak Fusciello are influenced heavily by afro-cuban stylistics and Brendon Massei of Viking Moses joined in to help on Bass. The record was recorded at Mobtown Studios by Producer Mat Leffler-Schulman. The record was mixed by Cory Gray and the Mix Foundry in Portland, Oregon and mastered by by Jeff Lipton and Peerless Mastering in Boston MA.

Enjoy a few tunes from the record here or pickup a copy in iTunes.


Engineered by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Mixed by Cory Gray

Mastered by Jeff Lipton