All That Ever Was The Pieces You Hide

All That Ever Was is a rock band comprised of veterans from the Baltimore scene. Melodic guitar riffs in lockstep with pounding drums and serpentine bass complimenting dark undertones laced with dynamic vocals that keep you wanting more. Sometimes drowning you in sound and other times allowing the music to breathe.  There’s never a dull moment.

This is the third record I’ve worked on with this band. And they never stop to amaze me. They bring something new to the table each time they come in to record at Mobtown with me. This record has some intense melodies and awesome thundering drums and bass. The subtle yet intensely musical harmonies of Jennifer Garrett blows me away every time I put a mic in front of her. And she’s pretty much the one take wonder. I end tracking a few takes for each song, but inevitably we end up using the first take. And Sean Sittig’s guitar work and songwriting has grown over the years. He has a sense of rhythm many drummers would envy. Not to mention a keen sense for guitar tone itself.

And what I admire about the band as a whole is their love of their craft. It’s something they work on at ever rehearsal and it shows when they come in to record.

Take a listen to a few songs. Be sure to turn it up. And be sure to check them out this summer!


Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman and Sean Sittig