Albert Bagman Microshow

The neighborhood recluse, the failed comedian, the medium of madness; Albert Bagman is an all-year-round Halloween hooligan sharing their love for ghosts and the unknown. Existing only on paper for years, Albert made their first appearance in 2014 with self-produced and directed music video “Miss Mortitioner”. From then on, Albert was inspired to continue writing and directing, diving into a range of styles of visual art incorporating marionette puppets and warped paper-mache masks. Under the name ‘Hebegebee Records’, Albert’s at-home recording studio, has released albums ‘Burlap’, ‘Curse’ and most recently released ‘Straw’. ‘Straw’ is their first full length LP and hopes to come to a town near, burlap bag and all, sharing their affinity for nightmares.

Albert Bagman joins us in the studio for a Microshow (July 19, 2017).

Enjoy the microshow from last summer. We had a blast. We laughed. And we cried. All is fare game at a microshow and it’s no exception at a Albert Bagman show.


Recorded on July 19, 2017 at Mobtown Studios

Guitar and vocals by Kory Johnson

Drums by Devin McCord

Keyboards by Harry Slattery

Produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman and Sean Mercer

Mixed and engineered by Robbie Liberati

Filmed by Sean Mercer and Robert Liberati

Edited by Matthew King

Photography by Sean Mercer