Airwaves Spectacular Out In The Distant Black

Formed in March 2017, former band mates Cyrus Keefer and Chris Tolentino began recording the debut album which would become Airwaves Spectacular. Bringing years of experience from other projects, bands and recording, Cyrus and Chris were able to create, record and produce 15 songs in under 6 months. Cyrus’s thought provoking lyrics, combined with Chris’s vast experience with recording and production proved to be an unstoppable combination. But something was missing from the final product. Chris realized that missing component was the angelic vocals of his niece Kayla Rae. With the addition of Kayla’s voice the album became a true solid work of art. In April 2018 the band released their much anticipated follow-up album entitled, Light The Sea. Airwaves Spectacular continues to write new songs and plan to release another full length album in 2019.

In the meantime Airwaves Spectacular have just released an EP, called Out In The Distant Black to hold us over until their full-length is due out in 2019. It’s filled with indie rock/80s anthems with male/female vocals a la The Human League. There is certainly a sound reminiscent of New Order and Echo & The Bunnymen, yet this music isn’t dated or irrelevant. It’s fresh and sonically engaging. Also noted is that Matt Chaconas from Shining Seconds wrote Rest Near Stone! We cant wait to hear what they do next.


Vocals by Cyrus Keefer

Synth, drums, guitar and songwriting by Chris Tolentino

Vocals by Kayla Rae

Drums by Jim Bedorf (Out In The Distant Black)

Songwriting by Matt Chaconas (Rest Near Stone)

Produced and mixed by Chris Tolentino

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman