aerial view Wear

Hailing from Washington DC, Aerial View found a place in the DMV rock scene, playing shows with such acts as Mobtown alum Wingdam, Two Inch Astronaut, A Marc Train Home, and Go Cozy.

Aerial View draws from all over the map, combining the influences of songwriting oriented rock acts such as Guided by Voices, Hum and The Shins, with the technical sensibilities of artists like Yes, The Mars Volta, and Miles Davis. Wear showcases a different feel on each song, from the hip-hop influenced, “Heroes with Guns” to the prog rock closer “Hypnotist”, while maintaining an overarching ethereal, shoegaze, guitar-driven sound.


Produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman and Aerial View

Engineered by Paul Mercer

Mastered by Paul Gold