Why Hire A Professional To Mix Your Home Recording?

Tracking or recording is a part of the record-making process many folks prefer to do on their own in the comfort of their home or home studio. You’ve spent the time and money on buying all the gear to record, it only makes sense that you want to have your songs or album mixed by a professional mixing engineer who has been doing it for decades that will simply make your record sound better. Even after everything has been recorded you still need to prepare your tracks for us so we are all on the same page while speaking the same language. But that’s another story.

These are the reason to hire a professional mixer:

Mixing at Mobtown
  • Gear – You might not have the best mixing gear. Do you have the best D/A converters to get out of the box? Do you have amazing outboard compressors and EQs? How is your monitoring? Are you able to print to analog tape? Most of these things a professional mixing engineer will have at their disposal.  And almost more important: They have the precise knowledge to use at their whim the necessary gear for the songs.
  • Room – How does your room sound? Is it treated? Is your imaging correct? The finely tuned room of a mixing engineer will be able to hear correctly and make positive changes to the mix that will only improve the sound of the music.
  • Cost – Yes, it might cost you money up front, but they’ve been mixing professionally for years, if not decades. They will be able to get the mix you are yearning for in a fractional amount of time that it would take you to get there. So in the long run you could be writing new songs, playing shows, hanging with your dog, or quality time with your significant other in the time that the mixing engineer is mixing your songs. Think about what you could get done in that amount of time! The cost/benefit analysis isn’t always about what’s bottom-line the cheapest. Time is money and your time is also valuable. And at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.
  • Ears – Most of what a mixing engineer does it listen. They listen to what the song has. Then they listen to what the song needs. From there they make the song sound better. A second set of ears (preferably a professional set of ears) can only make a mix better.
  • Timeline – When you mix in your own bubble, you start going in to what I call “circular mixing”. That’s when you are on this road to endless mix revisions that after 40 mix revisions bring you back to second or third mix which was already the best mix. But you took a few months getting there. It can be a process and sometimes that’s the process, but the mix engineer will do everything in their power to not waste anyone’s time.

There are times to mix your record yourself. It might simply be the best option for you timeline, expectations or budget. And by all means, go for it, but there is a time and a place to hire a mix engineer to take your songs to the next level. And we can help. Get in touch when you are ready to talk with us about mixing your record.