Shure SM57 Mic Mod And Shootout

A group of producers and engineers here in Baltimore get together at Mobtown Studios from time to time to talk shop – we like to call it the Baltimore Recording Club. This time we decided to do the Tape Op Shure SM57 Mod in which we remove the transformer. We had heard there was a better bass response after the mod – and a lower output as the aftereffect. So we did it and with that we created a mic shoot out with similar 57-ish mics.

Take a listen. The results are subtle yet different. Let us know what you hear!

Shure SM57 Mic Mod And Shootout

The original DI signal chain: Japanese Tele -> Focusrite ISA428 mkII DI -> MOTU 24Ai @ 44.1/24bit WAV -> Logic X

Reamp signal chain: Logic X -> MOTU 16A -> Radial X-Amp Active Re-Amplifier -> Silvertone Twin Twelve 1484 head -> Twin Twelve cab (all the mics were center on the cone on axis)