The Recordinghacks’ Microphone Database Is Insane

Neumann U47s. RCA 44s. Shure SM7s. All amazing mics. All very different characteristics. Ever wonder what was under the hood of all these mics? Matt Mcglynn over at recordinghacks.com has a microphone database that offers an insane amount of information about vintage out-of-print mics and modern mics currently being manufactured. This site is a wonderful resource and has a lot of the following information:

  1. Frequency response graphs
  2. Pickup patterns
  3. Impedance, SPL/Noise
  4. Weight, Dimensions, Power Specifications
  5. Links to reviews and news
  6. Links to the microphone’s user manual and brochures
  7. List of related microphones
  8. Tag cloud describing the mic’s characteristics
  9. Description that often includes the microphone’s origin and history, construction and circuit details, and common applications
  10. The microphone’s designer interviews

Have a peek here.

What the heck is a microphone?

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