Mic of the Month – Shure SM7 Review

No, not the SM57. The S-M-Seven.

While it’s not my favorite mic, nor is it the most interesting, by any means, it certainly reproduces many sounds wonderfully and accurately. Simply put, it’s utilitarian. And build like a tank. My SM7 has taken many o’ falls and still, many many years later, works like a charm. I’d say, in any given record I produce it’s used multiple times. And not on just one instrument. It yields great results with vocals, drums and bass/guitar amps. I’ve even used it on kick drums (more of the vintage flavor) and have been very happy with the output. It’s claim to fame was when it was discovered that engineer Bruce Swedien used this mic for most of the vocals on Michael Jackson’s 1982 record, Thriller. You know the record that spawned seven top 10 singles and has sold over 110 million copies? So aside from the fact that Michael sounds great behind it, other people do as well. It’s not just Michael’s amazing voice. It’s a cardioid dynamic mic that can stand up next to a U47, U87 or any other variety of vintage condensers.

Mic of the Month - Shure SM7 Review

Instruments I like in front of the Shure SM7

  • Snare
  • Male vocals
  • Sibilant female vocals
  • Kick
  • Guitar cabs
  • Voice over & broadcast
  • Trumpet

What’s also nice about this mic is that is has two switches for bass rolloff and mid-range emphasis (presence boost). All that and you can score one brand new for $350!