Mic of the Month – Sennheiser MD 441 Review

It’s quite possibly my favorite mic. It’s a dynamic. But it certainly has qualities of a condenser. It’s definitely one of the most accurate, flat and detailed of the mics in my collection. I love what it can do with female voices that have a lot of sibilance. It’s my go-to mic for snare bottom. I love what it does to guitar cabs with just a little too much presence. What’s even better about this mic is the off-axis rejection with its super-cardiod polar pattern. Which means it’s incredible to use live, either in the studio or for performance. The mic also has a 5-switch bass roll-off just like it’s younger sibling the 421. It also has a high/presence boost which I rarely use, unless a snare is really dull.

Instruments I really enjoy sticking in front of the 441:

Mic of the Month - Sennheiser MD 441 Review
  • Flute
  • Female Vocals
  • Electric Guitar
  • Snare (bottom or top)
  • Sax
  • Clarinet
  • Acordian
  • Toms
  • Percussion like tambourines and shakers

It’s pretty much my desert island mic. I can pretty much stick it in front of anything and it sounds great! I [heart] you 441!

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