Mic Of The Month – Blue Mouse FET Review

I am not a crazy gear head. But don’t get me wrong. I love solid gear that will do what I want it to, but I don’t focus on the specs. It doesn’t matter if it’s tube or solid state. If it’s discrete or has IC chips. If it does what I want, when I want, and doesn’t flake out, then I am happy.

The Blue Mouse FET (large diaphragm condenser) does just that. It never gets in the way. It captures. And it captures accurately. Not to mention makes everything sound huge and amazing. And to be specific, I am talking about the early model that was black/gray that indicated it has the transformer inside. It really stands up to the Neumann FET 47. The FET 47 tends to be a tad unfocused in the lower-mids. I’ve used these two mics side by side and I generally grab the Mouse first. The bass is smooth and the upper-mid aggression is what you need to make instruments sit perfectly in your mixes.

Mic Of The Month - Blue Mouse FET Review

I tend to use the Blue Mouse FET on many things. Namely, it sounds phenomenal on bass cabinets, 4 – 8 feet away from the cabinet. Ampeg SVTs sound great with a Blue Mouse FET. It also works well on kick drum or 18″ floor toms. And when I track with electric guitars and put the Mouse on it, I rarely need to EQ. It’s pretty versatile and great mic to have in your cabinet. Sure, it’s not the cheapest mic you’ll ever buy, but it will pay you back in time not needed in post-prodution. Oh and I did I mention this mic kills it on vocals? Open, airy, yet just the right amount of focus.

If you are bored with your RE20, U87 or random cheap chinese-built condensers, check out the Blue Mouse FET.

Instruments I use with the Blue Mouse FET

  • Bass cabinets
  • Kick drums
  • Female vocals
  • Upright bass
  • Large floor toms
  • Clarinet
  • French horn

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