JZ Microphones Vintage V11

I had the great pleasure to receive a V11 mic from JZ Microphones. JZ Microphones are all hand-assembled in Latvia. They are not mass produced and every microphone is meticulously built.

That said, I’ve been using this mic for a couple of months now. Did I mention it comes with a black wood padded case? I’ve used it on male and female vocals, cello, drum overheads and even snare drum (with a pretty mellow player). Like most large diaphragm condensers the frequency response is not flat. And rightfully so. There’s a nice bump at 100hz and a slight bump at 6khz.

This V11 isn’t a copy or derivative of a classic vintage mic. Don’t we have enough of those on the market? The V11 is it’s own beast. And a large beast at that. This mic has a huge sound. It has it’s own character and it’s own charm. It has been a wonderful addition to my mic cabinet. And it certainly hasn’t been spending much time in there as it’s being used in virtually every session I’ve had over the past few months. When I used it on vocals, like the U87, I didn’t have to do any extreme de-essing. It’s detailed and pleasant. I’ve always felt that the U87 is a little dark. Sure it has it’s time and place, but sometimes I need a little more top. That’s where the V11 comes in. It fills that void for me. I even tried it on acoustic guitars and had great results without having to move the mic around 50 times trying to find the “Sweet spot”.

This mic is also pretty price-friendly retailing for under $700 bucks. Big box studios and kids in their basement with a laptop would be thrilled to try this mic out and won’t be breaking the bank.

You can buy this mic directly from JZ for $699.99!

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