Top 11 Baltimore Albums of 2019

Baltimore has been rather uniquely blessed with defying a pigeonholed genre that exemplifies it’s success. Because of that we have thriving communities and successful artists in almost every genre. And since I listen to so many different styles of music, Baltimore has always felt like home to me. That said, these are my favorite records from Baltimore this past year!

Lower DensThe Competition: It took 4 years for this record to come out. And it’s spetacular. Lush and vibey and in all the right places.

Joy Postell – Back & Forth: While indie and hip-hop and club usually overshadow other genres, Joy Postell is killing it in the r&b world. Always wished she had collaborated with Prince.

Eze JacksonFool: When MCs step outside their group sometimes it can fall flat, but this solo effort is insanely strong and it’s been in heavy rotation for months.

Outer Spaces – Gazing Globe: Indie darlings and simply really nice people. Wonderful lazy Sunday jams over coffee and cold windows.

Chaunter – Dream Dynamics: A wild genre bending record. Excellent guests including, Dan Deacon, Sam Herring from Future Islands and Super City.

Al Rogers Jr. – SwoozyBaby: I love all the nods to 90s hip hop. But with the dense production.

Micah E. WoodMicah E. Wood: Baltimore’s favorite kid next door. He’s the East Coast’s Calvin Johnson.

Hunter HooliganChild of Venus (Act 1): Pop at it’s finest.

Kotic Couture – Diary of a Dreamer: I dont know what it is about this record, but it keeps coming back. Great words and great production.

DDm – Beautiful Gowns: If anyone is more proud of being from Baltimore it’s DDm. Excellent features from Holly Ann and stellar beats, production and lyrics, as always.

J. RobbinsUn-Becoming: While J. will always be from DC in my heart, he’s definitely a staple here in Baltimore and his solo records are still angular and jagged yet are slightly kinder and gentler (and with tambourines) and this record is no exception.

Matmos – Plastic Anniversary: I love that Matmos is from Baltimore. They almost epitomize the musical diversity that our city has to offer. This record is no exception. It’s weird in all the right weirdness.